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Clean Filter Elements and Other Ways to Reduce Compressed Air Costs

Posted by Filter Element Store on

Reduce Compressed Air Costs

Using high quality filter elements and keeping them clean is our obvious first recommendation for reducing compressed air use and costs. Consuming less compressed air is the easiest way to reduce air compressed air costs. Besides using clean filters, here are some other ways to reduce costs.

  • Form a leakage problem program and consistently repair leaks in the compressed air lines. 
  • Analyze all equipment using compressed air and determine if it is appropriate. Some equipment would cost less to run with an electric drive versus compressed air.
  • Add automatic shut off valves to turn off the flow of compressed air when equipment stops and when the plant is closed.
  • Eliminate drainage from downstream filter separator bowls and drainage points.
  • Evaluate equipment using compressed air that causes the compressor discharge pressure to increase and redesign if possible. Set a goal of 90 psi or lower for your maximum pressure in the building.  

Try some of these tips in 2017 to see if you can reduce your air compressed costs. If you are using less compressed air, your filter elements will last longer, too!

The Disadvantages of Cleaning Air Filter Elements

We recently wrote about "How To Clean Compressed Air Filter Elements" in this news section, but many filter manufacturers do not recommend cleaning their filter elements. For some manufacturers, self-cleaning a filter will void the warranty. It is possible to clean many types of compressed air filters, but there are things you should be aware [...]

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How To Clean Compressed Air Filter Elements

Many industrial filter elements can be cleaned and re-used. It is important to confirm if your filter elements are the type that can be cleaned. Coalescing filter elements, high efficiency filter elements and filters with special filtration media typically cannot be cleaned.A dirty filter cartridge must be cleaned when the pressure drop causes a noticeable [...]

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Latest Reviews for Filter Element Store

We love our filter customers and we love it when they love us. Here are some recent five star reviews from customers who purchased replacement filters from us.Highly Recommended "Our new Go-To supplier for compressor filters. Great Price, Awesome Product, Speedy Shipping, Superior Service Thank You for a Smooth Transaction"Review of our KAESER 0R35 Filter ReplacementVery Good"Very [...]

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Our New Finite / Pall Filter Element Costs 133% Less Than OEM

We are adding new filter elements to our website all of the time for the treatment of compressed air, but this one was a special case. A customer called us asking for a Pall / Finite 6DS25-187X1 filter element. We carry the Finite 6DS25-187 (Finite was purchased by Pall Filtration), but we couldn't find the Finite 6DS25-187X1 in our database. [...]

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Dirty Air Intake Filter Elements Can Effect Your Air Compressor

An air compressor can be a very expensive purchase. It is obviously important to properly maintain the air compressor and filter elements to protect that investment. Air intake filters are installed before, or at the inlet, or the air compressor to remove any dust or debris the compress may suck in. Dust will cause wear [...]

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Happy Filter Element Store Customer Sums It Up

Thanks to Stu, who bought some of our Ingersoll Rand Filter Replacements, for summarizing what happens for many of our customers when they decide to save money with us. "Tons of Money Saved and Good Quality! A year ago I did the maintenance on our Ingersoll and got the bill for the filters needed. $583. [...]

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How Does a Coalescing Filter Element Work?

Compressed Air Coalescing Filter ElementsOur most popular coalescing filter elements separate water and oil from compressed air using a coalescing effect. When the air stream enters the coalescer filter housing, the water and oil droplets are knocked out of the air stream thanks to the design of the filter housing and the media used in the coalescing filter element. [...]

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Filter Element Specials for December 2014

It's Filter Savings Time! As a way to say Happy Holidays to our customers, the following filter elements are on sale for the entire month of December.DELTECH 816E Filter ReplacementHANKISON E1-16-03 Filter ReplacementHANKISON E3-16-03 Filter ReplacementHANKISON E7-16-03 Filter ReplacementULTRA AIR EC1500P-03 Filter ReplacementCURTIS RN28201 Filter ReplacementUse Coupon Code SAVETENDEC to save 10% Off any of [...]

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Filter Element Store Testimonials

We have gained a lot of nice customers over the years. In this busy age, we still have happy repeat customers who take the time to thank us or review a filter element. Here are just a few:"Excellent value, right product, right time, and right price, quick shipping and will do business again here!" - [...]

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