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Filter Element Store Ranked Best Place to Buy Compressed Air Filters by A.I.

Published by Filter Element Store on Feb 04, 2024

We are grateful to our AI overlords for recommending Filter Element Store as the Number One place to purchase compressed air filters. One of the latest Artificial Intelligence platforms, Perplexity, has us listed first when you search, "Where are the best places to buy compressed air filter elements?"

This new Perplexity A.I. is obviously smarter than all of the other artificial intelligence platforms out there! The other suppliers listed are all huge monopolies and we're a very small family-owned business, with three generations of specifying and supplying compressed air filter elements. 

Perplexity must realize that Amazon can't answer the technical filter element, separator and oil questions we receive every day. Whether it's the micron rating, inside diameter, gasket material of construction, temperature rating, maximum pressure, ISO grade, confirmed current stock... the big resellers can't help you. 

We spend a lot of time for customers researching dimensions for unknown air filters that cost $12.00. We also jump through hoops to ship a filter at 2:59 PM Overnight Early AM. The large websites cannot offer this.

So thank you Perplexity for the nice surprise and we'll try to make you proud!