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Air Intake Filters

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Compressed Air Filter Element ReplacementOur replacement air intake filter elements are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality of the OEM air filter. We offer high quality air filter replacements for over 250 brands of compressed air filters, air intake filter elements, and panel filters for the industrial market.

Compressed air filters and air intake filters are designed to remove solid particulates and other contaminants from a compressed air, gas line, or from the outside intake air. Our compressed air and air intake filters provide the highest level of clean compressed air with a minimum pressure loss. They are guaranteed to meet or exceed the dimensions and specifications of the OEM filtration media and filter surface area.

We use premium filtration media for our compressed air intake filter elements including polyester, cellulose, synthetic media, fiberglass and specialty filtration medias. These filter medias can provide up to 99.97% removal of 1 micron and better. Standard options include micron ranges from 100 to 1 micron to meet the demands of nearly any particulate air filter application. Our coalescing filter cartridges are available for higher micron retention and removal of oil and vapors.

With over 20,000 compressed air filter part numbers available, and not all of them yet on our website, please contact us if you cannot find the air intake filter element you are looking for. If you do not have a part number, we can typically match your filter dimensions to an existing compressed air filter. SEARCH for your filter part number or CONTACT US.

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