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More than Filters... Aftermarket Compressor Oil

Published by Filter Element Store on Nov 15, 2022

Aftermarket Compressor OilFilter Element Store is excited to officially announce the addition of Compressor Oil to its line of air compressor replacement products. Our Made in USA compressor oil and fluids provide long lasting protection and extended life for your air compressor.

We offer Semi Synthetic compressor lubricants, SH Synthetic oils, Diester fluids, Extended Life POE oil, PAG coolants, Food Grade compressor oils, Vacuum Pump fluids, Silicone fluids, and more. With ISO Grade ranges from ISO 22, 32, 46, 68, 100 and 150, we have the suitable pour over compatible compressor oil for your application.

These aftermarket compressor oils are engineered to offer outstanding thermal stability, resistance to oxidation, a low pour point, and high flash point. Our top quality compressor lubricants accomplish all of this while protecting the air compressor against corrosion, rust, and wear.

Our aftermarket compressor oil is made in the USA by a trusted household name. Receive your filters and compressor oil all from the same store. Filter Element Store . . . Since 1976.

Compress Oil and Lubricants