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Wilkerson Filter Triple Knockout Combo

Published by Filter Element Store on Sep 28, 2022

Wilkerson Coalescing Filter CombinationThree different Wilkerson filter part numbers have been ordered together quite often. These three compressed air filters must provide a one-two-knockout combination for combating particulate contamination and moisture in a compressed air line. 

The Wilkerson MXP-96-650 is an adsorber filter element designed to remove odors.

Our Wilkerson MSP-96-647 is a Grade 8 coalescing filter and rated for 0.5 micron. 

And the undisputed champion, our very popular Wilkerson FRP-96-639 filter is a 5 micron interceptor filter element. Most of our customers order a lot more of this little Wilkerson coalescing filter.

We have sold these aftermarket Wilkerson coalescing filter part numbers for many years and they are guaranteed. Typically in stock and ships same day!

Last Modified: 28 August 2022