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Vintage Air Compressors Now Décor at Former Coca-Cola Plant

Vintage Air Compressors Now Décor at Former Coca-Cola Plant

Published by Filter Element Store on Feb 25, 2021

Vintage air compressors and related compressed air equipment are now on display at the new Bottleworks District in downtown Indianapolis. Originally built in 1920 as the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Indianapolis, they expanded in 1949 to become the largest Coca-Cola bottling plant in the world. These air compressors have some history!

After shipping filters, we stopped by the new Bottleworks for a masked dinner and were excited to see the compressed air equipment on display. We help people keep their compressed air clean and dry everyday, but these old compressors probably need a little more help than a change of filter elements. 

The first classic air compressor we ran into was this Chicago Pneumatic Simplate Valve Air Compressor. Chicago Pneumatic introduced the Simplate Valve line of air compressors in 1913. It was marketed at the time as "the simplest and most efficient compressor valve yet devised, noiseless in its operation."

Chicago Pneumatic Simplate Valve Air Compressor

Chicago Pneumatic offered the Simplate Disc Valve air compressor in over 300 sizes and styles. Power options included steam, short belt, gas or fuel oil engine, or direct motor dive with capacities up to 5,000 CFM. 

The more colorful of the compressors was this nameless, tagless, part numberless compressor. We've all been there. Even the 1940's heavy-duty USA-made tags and nameplates can fall off after a century or so.

By the looks of it, this is also a Chicago Pneumatic Simplate Valve air compressor in a little nicer condition. It has a water jacket just like the first CP compressor that we saw, but again, no name plate. 

Speaking of, if you're missing the name plate to your air compressor or filter housing and can't find the filter element part number, let us help. We've been around long enough that we've probably tried to find your filter before. Not as long as these ole' compressors, but since 1976.

Last Modified: 25th Feb 2021