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Sullair 250024-428 and 250024-436 Filter Savings Story

Published by Filter Element Store on Feb 23, 2014

Sullair 250024-428 Filter

It's time for another round of Name That Price

Darrell answered a phone call from our loyal customer ExxonMobil. They were asking about lead time for Sullair 250024-428 and Sullair 250024-436 filter elements, but they also mentioned our price was $290.50 each. We confirmed ten filters would total $5,810.00 and were currently in stock, so they placed an order over the phone. However, when we later checked, the price was only $80.00 Each?!?

We finally realized that $290.50 was the cost for the OEM filter from Sullair! So not only did we call Exxon back and correct their price like the honest company we are, we found more OEM part numbers that have crazy filter savings. $290.50 versus $80.00 for the same quality filter element. 

A $5,810.00 order reduced to $1,600.00! We were honestly a little sad that the order amount was reduced so much, but a lot happier that we could save another customer from outrageous OEM filter prices, and keep another happy repeat customer.