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Stoddard F8 Series Filter Elements

Posted by Filter Element Store on

STODDARD F8-108, F8-109, F8-110, F8-111 FiltersA very popular series of part numbers for us is a Stoddard F8 followed by a three number suffix. These Stoddard F8 filter elements are cartridge type air filters with paper filtration media. The OEM version by Stoddard and our version are both designed to remove 99% of 1 micron particles and larger. They are constructed with an inner and outer galvanized expanded metal retainer and the end retainers are plastisol molds. The smallest Stoddard air filters are the most popular, which includes the following:

Stoddard Filters

The lowest price we could find online for the OEM version of the F8-108 filter is $26.92.

Our price for the F8-108 filter is currently $15.80 Each. The same quality of filter with the same form, fit, and function; however, at a fraction of the price.  (In fact, it is a 520599/10000 fraction or a difference of 52% in price!)

These Stoddard F8 filters will be ready when your filter housings are.