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RAMVAC Replacement Filters for Dental Offices

Published by Filter Element Store on 8th May 2019

While the vast majority of the filter elements we supply are used in manufacturing plants, we have a surprising number of dentists as customers. Yes, we also supply a lot of filter elements for dental offices.

You know the small air gun that dentists use to dry your mouth? That air comes from an air compressor in the back of the office.  Dental offices use air compressors from manufacturers such as Atlas Copco to Zander and specialty air compressors and vacuum units from companies such as RAMVAC. 

We also supply dental filters to fit RAMVAC Badger, RAMVAC Bison, and  RAMVAC DentalEZ  dental units. Our dental filters are the same OEM quality at a fraction of the price. 

RAMVAC Dental Filter Part Numbers

  • 003548
  • 003549
  • 003550
  • 003583
  • 003700
  • 003740
  • 003750
  • 310705

CONTACT US for help with filters for your dental unit or air compressor. Your dental office could be saving up to 60% over your current source.