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Our New Finite / Pall Filter Element Costs 133% Less Than OEM

Published by Filter Element Store on Oct 14, 2015

Finite Pall 6DS25-187X1 FilterWe are adding new filter elements to our website all of the time for the treatment of compressed air, but this one was a special case. A customer called us asking for a Pall / Finite 6DS25-187X1 filter element. We carry the Finite 6DS25-187 (Finite was purchased by Pall Filtration), but we couldn't find the Finite 6DS25-187X1 in our database. After a quick search, we were able to find the part number and called the customer back.

When we told him our price for the filter, there was silence on the other end of the phone line, and then a, "What?". This was a national distributor for industrial supplies (similar to Motion Industries) and we had to explain that their company often buys filer elements from us.

According to the customer, Finite (now owned by Pall) sells their 6DS25-187X1 Filter Element for $320.00.

We sell our Finite 6DS25-187X1 Filter Replacement for $64.00. 

This difference in price is 133.333%, which is similar to all of our filter element replacements. They are typically 2 - 5% less than the prices from compressor and filter OEM's such as Finite and Pall.

Same quality. Same dimensions. Same media, form, fit and function. 

We just have a much different and more fair price.