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New ALLIED WITAN Air Exhaust Mufflers

Published by Filter Element Store on Jun 08, 2022

We are pleased to offer the ALLIED WITAN line of air exhaust mufflers. These exhaust mufflers reduce over 80% perceived noise, provide over 90% flow factor, and are the same purge mufflers sold by many compressor OEMs.

Allied Witan M00, M02, M05, M07, M10, M12, M15 and M20 are just a few model numbers, plus the multi-chamber air exhaust mufflers and X Series air dryer mufflers. These exact same ALWITCO ATOMUFFLER® mufflers are also sold by Kaeser and other air compressor manufacturers at a much higher price. 

We have the complete line of  Air Exhuast Mufflers and Air Dryer Mufflers on our website. The Air Exhaust Mufflers feature a unique obstruction-free expansion chamber to prevent blockage. The Air Dryer Mufflers also include a relief valve to divert airflow upon blockage. All of these purge mufflers are typically in stock and competitively priced. 

  • Remove moisture and desiccant dust downstream of your compressed air dryer
  • Expertly reduces Exponentially Perceived Noise (EPNdB) without impeding equipment performance
  • Muffles explosive air exhaust noise discharged from valve exhaust ports
  • Exhaust air flows softly to atmosphere free of contamination for a clean and comfortable environment
  • Air Dryer Mufflers remove moisture and desiccant dust downstream of a compressed air dryer
  • Sizes range from 1/8-inch to 6-inch with Male NPT connections
  • Excellent for general purpose air applications up to 125 PSI

We recommend always replacing your air muffler when adding new desiccant.

Reduce shop noise with gentle exhaust air flows free of noise, oil fog and other contaminants for a healthy and happy workplace.

Allied Witan Air Exhaust Mufflers

Last Modified: 8 June 2022