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How To Reduce Compressed Air Costs

Published by Filter Element Store on Jan 02, 2017

Reduce Compressed Air Costs

Using high quality filter elements and keeping them clean is our obvious first recommendation for reducing compressed air use and costs. Consuming less compressed air is the easiest way to reduce air compressed air costs. Besides using clean filters, here are some other ways to reduce costs.

  • Form a leakage problem program and consistently repair leaks in the compressed air lines. 
  • Analyze all equipment using compressed air and determine if it is appropriate. Some equipment would cost less to run with an electric drive versus compressed air.
  • Add automatic shut off valves to turn off the flow of compressed air when equipment stops and when the plant is closed.
  • Eliminate drainage from downstream filter separator bowls and drainage points.
  • Evaluate equipment using compressed air that causes the compressor discharge pressure to increase and redesign if possible. Set a goal of 90 psi or lower for your maximum pressure in the building.  

Try some of these tips this year to see if you can reduce your air compressed costs. If you are using less compressed air, your filter elements will last longer, too!