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How to Find Compressed Air Filter Elements Without a Part Number

How to Find Compressed Air Filter Elements Without a Part Number

Published by Filter Element Store on Aug 30, 2021

Not everyone knows the part number for their compressed air filter element. They may have the model number of the filter housing, or the serial number, but it's not uncommon for that elusive filter part number to be missing. 

The part number should be on the actual filter element which is located inside the filter housing. If not, the filter housing manufacturer should have referenced the replacement filter part number on the label / tag of the filter housing. However, a lot of times this is not enough information as we need to know the required micron retention and filtration grade. Sometimes you need to reference the actual serial number of the air compressor to determine what was originally supplied. 

We have figured out a lot of "unknown filters" over the decades and chances are we can help with your unknown filter, too. Here is the information we would need.

  • Outside Diameter (Top and Bottom)
  • Inside Diameter
  • Length / Height
  • Required Micron Rating
  • Temperature Rating
  • Type of Filter (air, coalescing, separator, etc.)
  • Pictures are very helpful

If you want to make sure you get the exact filter you need, here is a recent request that may win our coveted Most Detailed Filter Request Ever Award. Check it out and contact us if you need help finding your compressed air filter. 

Last Modified: 30th Aug 2021