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Filter Element Store Takes the Compressed Air Challenge

Filter Element Store Takes the Compressed Air Challenge

Published by Filter Element Store on Nov 07, 2021

After two years of no trade shows, we were excited to be back this year at the  Best Practices Expo for Compressed Air, Vacuum and Cooling in Chicago. Not only were we able to see friends and partners we haven't seen in a long time, we also had time to have our staff take the Compressed Air Challenge.

Compressed Air Challenge Training

The Challenge consists of eight hours of classroom and group project work split into four sessions over two days. We went over topics like calculating and improving energy costs to get a better understanding of air compressor inefficiency and control options. Box diagrams were hand drawn to help establish baseline measurements and make improvements. We all brainstormed as a group to identify possible sources of leaks and ways to reduce pressure drop and improve airflow. They have an extensive and free  Compressed Air Library as well. 

It was fun to be in a room with fellow compressed air comrades and for our staff to freshen up on compressed air. There were compressor and other equipment distributors in attendance, but also several employees of manufacturing plants who are responsible for their compressed air systems. CAGI (Compressed Air & Gas Institute) also provides Certified Compressed Air Specialist Exams if you're up for another challenge!

Last Modified: 7th Nov 2021