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Filter Element Savings Story Champion of the World!

Published by Filter Element Store on Mar 13, 2014

We have a winner here sports fans, or filter fans. Ding! Ding! Ding! We got a call today from Rust-Oleum who was outraged by the price of the Ingersoll Rand OEM filter element quoted to them.

Ingersoll Rand NLM-1000E Filter Element = $3,346.00 Each. 

Our Ingersoll Rand NLM-1000E Filter Equivalent = $280.00 Each.

Here is a drawing of our Ingersoll Rand filter replacement. 

This is a high quality filter element. So, if you're confused about our low price, ask yourself how much Ingersoll Rand is making on that $3,346 filter. And do they even manufacturer it themselves or outsource it overseas? (No, they probably don't make it although they do say it is "Genuine".)

Same dimensions, same filtration media, same micron efficiency, and you can save over $3,000.00 with one filter!

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