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BALSTON 200-80-BX OEM Filter Price as High as the Moon

Published by Filter Element Store on Feb 18, 2020

Balston 200-80-BX Filter Price

A loyal supporter called about our  Balston 200-80-BX filter replacement. It was going to be resold to NASA and those picky astronauts require the OEM version of the filter. Our customer told us that Balston had quoted them $200.00 Each for the Balston 200-80-BX OEM filter. 

Our price for the Balston 200-80-BX filter is 25% of Balston's price, and it has the exact same dimensions, micron retention and filtration media. We sell this part number individually, along with the corresponding  Balston 200-80-DX filter, but Balston requires you to buy a case of their overpriced filters. 

If you're not going to the moon anytime soon, you can reduce your filtration costs by 75% with filters from Filter Element Store.