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Ingersoll Rand Filters Set New World Record in High Prices

Posted by Filter Element Store on

Ingersoll Rand 32012957 Filter ReplacementIf you have read our "Filter Element Secrets the OEMs Don't Want You To Know" infographic, you'll know that filter OEM's like Ingersoll Rand typically charge two to five times the price of our filters. However, today set a new historic high for Ingersoll Rand filter prices. 

Our customer called asking for an Ingersoll Rand 32012957 filter element. He sounded hesitant about our low price and asked for a drawing of the filter. We assured him that we've sold this part number in the past with no problems, but we emailed a drawing of the filter. Once we explained that the OEM prices are usually two to fives times our price, he said, "Try ten times."



We offer the same filter, same dimensions, same media, same form fit and function... at a price nearly ten times lower than the OEM filter price. 

Big Filter Savings the Big Brands Trust.

Happy Filter Element Store Customer Sums It Up

Thanks to Stu, who bought some of our Ingersoll Rand Filter Replacements, for summarizing what happens for many of our customers when they decide to save money with us. "Tons of Money Saved and Good Quality! A year ago I did the maintenance on our Ingersoll and got the bill for the filters needed. $583. [...]

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