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SULLAIR 02250051-153 24KT Silicone Compressor Oil Replacement


Our 24KT SULLAIR 02250051-153 Compressor Oil is the only aftermarket silicone-based fluid that offers the same longevity and system protection as the original SULLAIR 24KT®.

Competitive silicone compressor oils are commonly top-off solutions, using the longevity of the original OEM fluid in the air compressor for extended service life. Our SULLAIR 24KT® Silicone ISO 22 compressor oil 5 gallon pail does not typically need to be replaced in a system, but rather topped-off as needed through its normal service life. 

Typical Compressor Applications:

• Sullair Rotary Screw Compressors – Silicone | ISO 22

SDS MSDS for SULLAIR 24KT Compressor Oil LubricantDownload the SDS for our SULLAIR 24KT Compressor Oil - 02250051-153 Compressor Fluid 

Additional Information

Typical Operating Life:
Indefinite Fluid Life
Commonly Compatible Fluids:
Expected Water Separation:
May Form an Emulsion with Water
Resistance to Foaming:
High Resistance except when mixed with other bases
Sullair 02250051-153

Warranty Information

We guarantee our equivalent Sullair 24KT air compressor lubricant will meet or exceed the specifications, performance and warranty of the original SULLAIR 02250051-153 silicone compressor fluid. 24KT® belongs to Sullair.