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Semi Synthetic SAE 30 ISO 100 Compressor Oil - 5 Liters

FES 203823

FES 203823 Five Liter Semi Synthetic 100 compressor oil is a SAE Grade 30 semi synthetic alternative to many popular OEM air compressor fluids. Our Semi-Synthetic ISO 100 Lubricant series offers extended operating life for your air compressor.

Our FES 203823 5 Liter compressor lubricant is built to offer outstanding thermal stability, resistance to oxidation, a low pour point, and high flash point, while protecting the air compressor against corrosion, rust, and wear.

Typical Compressor Applications:
• Reciprocating and (mainly) Rotary Screw Compressors – SAE Grade 30 | ISO 100

MSDS for Semi Synthetic 100 Compressor OilView the SDS for our Semi Synthetic 100 Compressor Oil.

Additional Information

Typical Operating Life:
4,000 Hours at 200 F
Common Compatible Fluids:
PAO, POE, Deister, and Synthetic Hydrocarbons
Expected Water Separation:
Readily Separates from Water
Resistance to Foaming:
High Resistance
XL300-1 Ingersoll Rand XL 300 | 112543G100 Quincy Quin-Cip 100 | 2024600802 Quincy Quin-Cip 100 | Kaeser M-100 | 28G39 GD Aeon 500 | CP Altair | P12612A Champion ChampLub | Curtis FSC-Max Fluid ET
Summit TM-30 | Ultrachecm P-AO 100 | Mobil Rarus 427 | Anderol 3100 | ISEL 6045-100 | Royal Purple Parafilm 100

Warranty Information

We guarantee our Semi Synthetic ISO 100 / SAE 30 Lubricant replacement will meet or exceed the specifications, performance and warranty of the OEM compressor fluid.

The above specifications are typical of current production. While future production will confirm to manufacturer specification, variations in these characteristics may occur. It is always advised to evaluate any recommendations and/or specifications with application specialists, and the history of your compressor fluid usage, to confirm suitability.