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Using Air Compressor Model Numbers to Find Filters and Oil

Published by Filter Element Store on Jan 21, 2022

Find Air Compressor Filters by Model Number or Serial Number

Many of the major air compressor manufacturers include Model Numbers, Voltage and HP on their compressor nameplates or stickers. However, a lot of the compressor manufacturers forget the important part numbers:

  • Air Filter
  • Coalescing Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Air/Oil Separator 
  • Compressor Lubricant / Oil

You should be able to call us with your compressor model number and receive the correct filters, right?

Not so fast, frenzied filter purchaser. As some of these compressor model numbers have been around for decades, they are upgraded over the years with a new (and maybe improved) set of filters with different part numbers. Here's an example of possible filters for an Atlas Copco GA 75 air compressor:

Atlas Copco GA 75 Air Compressor Filters

OIL FILTER: 1613-6105-90 oil filter for most years except with VSD.
AIR FILTER: 1613-9503,1619-2798, 1622-1855-01,1613-8004 depending on the year and serial number.
AIR/OIL SEPARATOR: 2903-1010, 2901-0858, 1622-5693, 1613-9840 or 2901-0432 depending on several factors.

So you just need the model number and the serial number, right? Slow down there compressor pally. Unfortunately, with some manufacturers such as Kaeser, you need the model number, serial number, AND the air compressor part number! 

Don't lose hope. If you can provide dimensions of your filter, we can confirm you will be using the correct part number for your particular air compressor. Please be aware that sometimes this is like finding a needle in a haystack, and it's not something we can quickly figure out over the phone. Just  contact or call us at 800-551-0774 for help finding your air compressor filters or compressor oil.

Last Modified: 17 Feb 2022