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  • 50309D03BNV  5.03.09d03bn/-v  Hydac filter

HYDAC 50309D03BNV Filter Replacement


Replaces: HYDAC

Usually ships in 24 hours

Filter Description

The HYDAC 50309D03BNV or 5.03.09D03BN/-V hydraulic filter element replacement is built with the highest quality materials and workmanship. This hydraulic filter element offers equal to or better filtration performance based on the original OEM filter specifications.

Hydraulic filter elements are used to remove contamination from a lube oil or hydraulic fluid system. These hydraulic filters provide the highest level of clean fluids to reduce operating costs and prevent failure. Our hydraulic filter cartridges are tough enough to hold their shape under pressure and maintain even pressure differentials to avoid collapsing of the filter element.

The HYDAC 50309D03BNV filter element equivalent is manufactured with the highest quality standards including: ANSI / CAGI Institute ADF 400-1999 Compressed Air and Gas, ISO / FDIS 8573-4 and code number of sale 1DJ40 U.S. Government. We have replaced all major brands of OEM and replacement filters in tens of thousands of applications.

Warranty Information

We guarantee our HYDAC 50309D03BNV filter replacement will meet or exceed the specifications, performance and warranty of the HYDAC OEM filter element.

Fast shipping

"High quality replacement for the OEM filter. Visually identical from a material and construction perspective. Price was 1/7th of OEM."


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