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HANKISON 3126355 Air Exhaust Muffler OEM 3" NPT



The HANKISON 3126355 OEM Air Exhaust Muffler has a 3" NPT male pipe thread. The HANKISON 3126355 air exhaust muffler provides superior reduction of Exponentially Perceived Noise without affecting equipment efficiency. 

The HANKISON 3126355 muffler exhausts air gently to the atmosphere reducing noise and contamination to maintain a clean and healthy manufacturing plant. These exhaust mufflers reduce over 80% perceived noise, provide over 90% flow factor, and replace common muffler model numbers such as KAESER Exhaust Mufflers, ATOMUFFLER® mufflers, and others.

FES PRO TIP: Always replace you air exhaust muffler when adding new desiccant to capture possible desiccant dust. 

Extra Information

Outside Diameter:
Connection Size:
3" NPT Male Pipe Thread
Filter Elements

Warranty Information

This 3126355 multi chamber exhaust muffler carries the full HANKISON warranty.