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GRAINGER 6B231 Filter Replacement



The GRAINGER 6B231 coalescing aftermarket filter is technically not an aftermarket filter as Grainger does not make their own filter elements. Regardless, this coalescing filter equivalent offers equal or better filtration performance based on the original (Wilkerson) OEM filter specifications.

Coalescing filter elements are used to remove water, oil vapor and other contaminants from a compressed air line. Our coalescing filter elements are tough enough to hold their shape under pressure and maintain even pressure differentials to avoid collapsing of the filter element.

The GRAINGER 6B231 coalescing filter equivalent provides the same Grade 8 filtration efficiency and has the same dimensions. Guaranteed. 

Warranty Information

We guarantee our GRAINGER 6B231 filter replacement will meet or exceed the specifications, performance and warranty of the GRAINGER "OEM" filter element.