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Our most popular BALSTON replacement filters are the small white coalescing filters used for compressed air, gas and liquids. The smallest of these filters, such as the 050-11-BX and 100-12-BX / DX filters up to the 100-25-DX filters, are also used as Sample Analyzer Filter Elements. We also offer the AQ, BXE, DQ, SA and other filter media grades. Our BALSTON gas and liquid aftermarket sample filters remove solids and liquids from gas samples using Borosilicate Glass Microfibers with 99.99% of 0.01 micron efficiency. We have sold many thousands of these little filters.

Larger compressed air filters range from the 100-18-BX to the 200-80-BX / DX filters. The combination of the 1st stage DX media (0.1 micron) and 2nd stage BX media (0.01 micron) creates a highly efficient two stage coalescing filter system for removal of dirt, water, and oil. Our suffix -371H filter replacements, such as the BALSTON 200-16-371H and 200-35-371H filters, remove 99.9% of oil mist and smoke from vacuum pump exhaust filters.

The replacement Activated Carbon Adsorbent BALSTON filter equivalents, such as the CI-100-12-000 and CI-200-35-000 filters, are nearly identical to the original filter and remove trace oil vapors from compressed air. With thousands of BALSTON filter replacements to choose from, and sold individually with a 25% - 50% lower price, shop around and feel free to call or email with any questions.