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PAG 46 Compressor Oil Coolant - 5 Gallon

FES 202323


Our PAG 46 Compressor Oil is a Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based compressor lubricant. The PAG ISO 46 Lubricant series is specially formulated as a direct equivalent to common OEM PAG 46 coolants.

PAG compressor coolant fluids offer a uniquely inherent trait of natural resistance to varnishing, ensuring clean operation throughout its useful life. When PAG's oxidize and deteriorate, byproducts stay suspended in the fluid, rather than adhering to metallic surfaces on the compressor.

Typical Compressor Applications:
• Rotary Screw Compressors – ISO 32 & 46

SDS MSDS for PAG 46 Compressor Oil CoolantDownload the SDS for our PAG 46 Compressor Oil.

Extra Information

Common Compatible Fluids:
PAG, POE and Diesters
Expected Water Separation:
Forms an Emulsion with Water
Resistance to Foaming:
High Resistance
Typical Operating Life:
8,000 Hours at 200 F

Warranty Information

We guarantee our PAG 46 coolant lubricant will meet or exceed the specifications, performance and warranty of the OEM compressor oil.