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Food Grade Compressor Oil ISO 32 / 46 Extended Life - 5 Gallon

FES 203323


Our FES 203323 Extended Life Food Grade 32 / 46 lubricant 5 gallon compressor oil is a synthetic NSF H-1 approved food grade lubricant. Our food grade compressor oil is approved for incidental food contact and is an ideal choice for common food processing and distribution applications.

Semi-annual service intervals continue to be commonplace in food related applications, and FES 203323 lubricant ensures being able to reach these change-out intervals.

Typical Compressor Applications:
• Rotary Screw Compressors – ISO 32, 46 & 68 

Literature for Food Grade Compressor OilView the literature for our ISO 32/46 Extended Life Food Grade Compressor Oil.

Extra Information

Common Compatible Fluids:
PAO, POE, Diesters and Synthetic Hydrocarbons (Check if FG)
Expected Water Separation:
Readily Separates from Water
Resistance to Foaming:
High Resistance
Typical Operating Life:
10,000 Hours at 200 F

Warranty Information

We guarantee our FES 203323 food grade compressor oil with extended life for ISO 32 and ISO 46 will meet or exceed the specifications, performance and warranty of the OEM compressor oil.