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ALLIED WITAN X10 Air Dryer Muffler Replacement 1" NPT



The Allied Witan X10 Air Dryer Muffler has a 1" NPT male pipe thread and an internal part number of 0375010. This equivalent OEM X10 air dryer muffler combats demanding problems with desiccant compressed air dryers and extends the life of your filter element.

The 1st stage removes particulates and desiccant dust while the 2nd stage reduces the noise of the compressed air flow. The Allied Witan X10 dryer muffler includes a relief valve which opens if the muffler is clogged and quietly exhausts air into the atmosphere. 

The ALWITCO X10 air dryer muffler exhausts air gently to the atmosphere reducing noise and contamination to maintain a clean and quiet manufacturing plant.

Extra Information

Outside Diameter:
Relief Valve and 0941010 Filter Element
Maximum Working Pressure:
175 PSI
Connection Size:
1" NPT Male Pipe Thread