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Dirty Air Intake Filter Elements Can Effect Your Air Compressor

Posted by Filter Element Store on

Air Compressor Filter SavingsAn air compressor can be a very expensive purchase. It is obviously important to properly maintain the air compressor and filter elements to protect that investment. Air intake filters are installed before, or at the inlet, or the air compressor to remove any dust or debris the compress may suck in. Dust will cause wear to the compressor element, valves, filters, compressor oil and any moving parts. 

However, making sure you have a clean filter is also important to the efficiency of your air compressor. As more dust collects on the filter element, the pressure drop and compression ratios will increase. A 25mbar pressure drop across your filter element will decrease compressor output by 2%. You can end up paying more for the electric bill to run the compressor than for a new filter from us! For a typical 200 HP air compressor, a dirty air intake filter can cost you $300 to $1000 every year.

Many filter housings have a type of drain at the bottom of the housing to remove dust that has collected. It is possible to clean most types of air intake filters for compressors a few times by blowing them with compressed air. Just contact us to find out if your filters are designed to be cleaned.