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Filter Element Secrets the OEMs Don't Want You To Know

We're beginning to give away some of the biggest secrets in the filter element industry. Hopefully we are still alive tomorrow.  Check out our OEM FILTER SECRETS Infograph to learn what filter and compressor manufacturers have been doing for decades.

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Filter Element Savings Story Champion of the World!

We have a winner here sports fans, or filter fans. Ding! Ding! Ding! We got a call today from Rust-Oleum who was outraged by the price of the Ingersoll Rand OEM filter element quoted to them.Ingersoll Rand NLM-1000E Filter Element = $3,346.00 Each. Our Ingersoll Rand NLM-1000E Filter Equivalent = $280.00 Each.Here is a drawing of our [...]

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Sullair 250024-428 and 250024-436 Filter Savings Story

It's time for another round of Name That Price! Darrell answered a phone call from our loyal customer ExxonMobil. They were asking about lead time for Sullair 250024-428 and Sullair 250024-436 filter elements, but they also mentioned our price was $290.50 each. We confirmed ten filters would total $5,810.00 and were currently in stock, so they placed an order [...]

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Share Your Filter Savings Story and Save!

It's true, we love to hear about the OEM filter element crazy prices you were paying and how much we have saved you.  SAVE 10% - Tell how much you saved with our filter and receive 10% OFF your next order. SAVE 20% - Take a picture of our filter replacement next to the OEM filter element [...]

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